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Exit station barcode / QR code ticket Validator EV-F9

Ticket Validator is also known as exit station. It is set at the exit of parking lot to validate the ticket which is paid at central pay station. The paid ticket will be verified and open barrier gate automatically. This equipment can easily work with ticket dispenser, barrier gate and pay station.


Exit Ticket Validator Features

Cold-rolled steel housing

Motorized barcode reader to read and swallow tickets

Built-in proximity reader for monthly parking

Optional built-in heater

Optional built-in intercom substation

Standard TCP/IP communication protocol

Exit Ticket Validator Technical Parameters

Built-in card reader: IC/ ID Optional

Weight: 60 KG

Power: DC 24V, AC110V 60HZ/ AC220V 50HZ

Temperature: -35℃ ~ +65℃

Power consumption: 30W ( normal );120W(max)

Communication: TCP/ IP

Dimension (mm):500mm(L)×310mm(W)×1223mm(H)  EV-F9

Exit station barcode / QR code ticket Validator EV-F9