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Why choose video surveillance for parking management

May. 20, 2022

Why choose video surveillance for parking management

The benefits of installing surveillance cameras in parking lots include:

Reduce the crime rate

By installing surveillance cameras in the parking lot, law enforcement officers can easily track people entering and leaving the parking lot and determine whether anyone left anything.

This can reduce crime because offenders are less likely to commit crimes if they know there is surveillance.

Early detection of crime

CCTV footage on any day can reveal multiple criminal events in a short time, which can occur anywhere in the parking lot. If you don't have the resources to investigate each event individually, a video recording each event is very valuable.

Raise productivity

By monitoring the movements of shoppers and employees, managers can make decisions based on accurate data. For example, if shoppers enter a store and stay there for five minutes, and then leave without buying anything, it is easier to conclude that they are browsing than it is not observed.

In addition, if drivers Park in front of the entrance of the parking lot, it may indicate that they intend to go to other businesses nearby. Therefore, the manager can use this information to decide whether to open up additional space for other tenants.

Monitor employee performance

When an employee performs poorly during a shift, the manager can check the records to determine the cause. Then they can start to solve the problem and provide better training when the problem occurs again.

Monitor attendance mode

CCTV video allows managers to track who uses the amenities in the area and when. By establishing regular schedules for these services, peak usage times can be predicted.

In addition, it is easier to calculate the number of cars in a batch than to calculate the number of individuals entering the store.

Improve security

The overall security level has been improved as monitoring has reduced theft, robbery and sabotage.

Promote customer service

Through the lens taken by the monitoring equipment, customers are more satisfied with the customer service level of your store.

Enhance security

If your site is located near a public transport hub, installing a monitoring system can help improve safety. However, even if your business is not close to major roads or railway stations, it does not mean that you do not need to protect yourself from potential threats. People can still steal from parked vehicles or break in through windows. The monitoring system can prevent such activities.

Improve operational efficiency through monitoring

Using surveillance cameras in parking lots helps to manage and monitor traffic flow, especially in busy areas. You can collect detailed data about the movement of customers and drivers, including the duration of their visits and the time they need to leave.

It may be helpful to set up different areas as needed to allocate space for each type of vehicle as needed.

You can also identify areas that need repair and maintenance. With enough data, you will know which parts of the lot need special attention.

The correct installation of CCTV cameras is critical to the success of any surveillance solution. It is important to choose manufacturers whose products provide excellent return on investment. In addition to choosing camera models that provide high-quality images, it is also important to consider factors such as durability, ease of operation and cost-effectiveness. Finally, the position, size and angle of the camera must be carefully considered.