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Reliable VIP Card Parking Solutions

This parking solution is used for VIP customer or regular customer. To some extent, this parking solutions is helpful for customer to make their parking more convenient and safe.


Product Details

Reliable VIP Card Parking Solutions

VIP Card Parking Solutions Introduction

VIP Card Parking System is a long range card parking system based on Cloud. VIP Card send signal to VIP Card Reader, Card 

Reader recognize the signal then exchange data with Cloud thru Wi-Fi or GPRS module,  so as to  control barrier  gate OPEN


VIP Card Parking Solutions Features

Long range active card reader

Support quick cloud payment, shorten the stay time at lanes.

To reduce staff contact with cash

Available parking spaces can be counted

Multi-path communication with the cloud server can be chosen

Reliable VIP Card Parking Solutions Equipment List:

Card Reader

Barrier Gate

Technical Parameter

Recognition distance: 0~30m

Recognition speed: 80KM/H

Recognition direction: Directional (vertical 45° horizontal 45°)

Polarization mode: Vertical polarization

Working frequency range: 2.4 GHz~2.483GHz

Power consumption standard: Working power < 3W

Communication mechanism: Synchronous communication mechanism

Anti-interference: Channel isolation technology, multiple devices do not interfere with each other

Security: Encrypted communication, anti-error mechanism

Package Features: Front ABS plastic, back aluminum alloy cavity

Reliability: Anti-thunder, waterproof and anti-shock to meet industrial environmental requirements

Interface standard: RS232, RS485, Wiegand26, RJ45, WiFi, GPRS, etc

Expand I/O: switching signals input 4 channels and output 2 channels

Power standard: DC 9 ~ 24V ,500 ~ 1500mA

Dimension: 220×220×110mm

Weight: 0.5~2kg

Installation: U-type special metal installation kit