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The License Plate Recognition System Is Monitored For The Entry Of Food Management

Feb. 14, 2019

As a manufacturer of Control Barrier Gate System, we will discuss The License Plate.

So as to effectively prevent and decrease the dangers of importing foodborne alien bugs, enhance the port's capability to assess habits, optimize port source allocation, and consult with the applicable international standards of the International Plant Protection Convention, the AQSIQ has executed a designated vent system for grain.

Within this circumstance, once the vehicle leaves and enters the applicable logistics playground, it has to upload the information to the designated management system via the license plate identification to collaborate with the management staff to oversee the corresponding vehicles.

By means of this intelligent oversight platform, government agencies may track imported vehicles in real time, and ask about the entrance and exit documents of vehicles, and if they've entered the designated unloading area and processing plant place.

Thus, depending on the License Plate Recognition System, the Huiqiao license plate recognition incorporated system cooperates with the smart supervision platform of this imported grain interface to offer the customs export and import management employees with the entrance and leave documents of vehicles entering and departing every area so the direction is greater and more standardized. Throughout the HTTP protocol upload function offered by Hyepo license plate recognition camera, programmers just have to configure the corresponding cloud server speech and pulse interval from the HTTP protocol port, and so that relevant data can be obtained from the cloud, and this can be handy and succinct, and doesn't have to deploy the server computer locally.

Considering that the level of fouling of these customs export and import, the cart license plate is relatively severe, and the majority of them are largely yellow card automobiles, the right speed of license plate recognition is an issue.

The popularity speed of the yellow card of Huiqiao license plate recognition system is high, and also the algorithm optimization coaching is completed for the identification of the defaced license plate, that may attain a fantastic comprehension effect.

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License Plate Recognition System