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License Plate Recognition System Unlicensed Vehicle Detection Algorithm (1)

Feb. 15, 2019

About the application status of Automatic Number Plate Recognition System in special areas, you will be introduced here.

To be able to fix the entry and exit of the Parking Lot Payment Kiosk, the discovery of this automobile for your unlicensed vehicle offers advice for the automatic discharge of the upcoming vehicle and the fitting of the automobile with no license plate, thus decreasing the manual functioning.

The algorithm suggests a goal detection method to discover the unlicensed vehicles from the movie, and incorporates with the license plate outcomes to attain the right output of the automobile with no license plate info, and offers help for your parking lot entry and exit charging automation.

First, the most similar solution to the detection of unlicensed cars

Prior Art 1: Ground-sensing trigger capture

Disadvantages: triggering on the ground, it is necessary to put the ground coil on the floor, the structure is inconvenient, the price tag is high, and a few scenes cannot activate the trigger, and some other iron item is going to be captured via the coil area, which will cause accidental catch. There are many, such as bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, etc., that will result in confusion at the entry and exit of the parking lot, and much more details to interfere with, which makes it more challenging to handle the post-billing system.

Prior Art 2: Gently controlling the capture and lifting

Technical 2 Cons: In the parking lot management system, the ultimate aim is to implement unattended, completely accessible access, and this app runs counter to the objective.

At the same time, Entry Ticket Dispenser can be offered for you.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition System