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New Energy Charging Pile License Plate Recognition Scheme

Feb. 12, 2019

Here is Car Parking Control SystemChina Manufacturer talking about license plate recognition. 

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Together with the marketing of energy vehicles, the charging heap business has also sprung up. It may be used for a variety of kinds of electric vehicles based on various voltage levels charging. Folks are able to utilize a particular charging card to swipe the card to the human-computer interaction port given from the charging article, and carry out the corresponding charging manner, charging period, price information printing, etc.. The charging heap display can exhibit the charging number, price, charging period, etc..

Hui Qiao Individually developed the core algorithm for license plate recognition, followed the Federal Coverage, took the lead in Fulfilling the identification of Fresh energy Permit plates, and Supplied the basic license plate recognition Purpose for Its charging Heap industry:

Charging pile parking/charge direction, the car enters the charging heap parking area, hoisting the parking permit recognition camera catches the car data, transmits the identification outcome to the charging heap information management system, and unites the present signal delivered by the charging heap to ascertain the car is charging Parking or normal parking. When it's normal parking, the parking fee will be added to the look. The proprietor can shop and book the automobile via the APP, and then scan the code onto the screen of this parking area.

The charging heap license plate recognition software scene, the effortless parking license plate recognition camera has been mounted to every charging heap parking area by hoisting, and correctly defines the license plate number left on the parking area.

The charging heap license plate recognition landscape has its own specific attributes: the recognition space is short, the setup position is large, the license plate picture is big, and also the angle of view is so big.

When the vehicle passes the charging heap parking area for charging, then the license plate recognition automatically captures the license plate number, and drives the recognition result and also the automobile image into the designated route of the charging heap management platform server via the HTTP protocol, along with also the license plate recognition camera may occasionally send the system heartbeat into the server. To keep a long connection with the host, the machine can return signs to the front camera at any moment, and command the camera output signal relay changing signal to command specific peripheral devices.

Additionally, the organization's new generation of license plate recognition camera module, size, may be embedded at the charging stack to perform with the license plate recognition purpose.

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