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Unlicensed Vehicle Detection Algorithm For License Plate Recognition System

Jan. 30, 2019

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First, the most similar solution to the detection of unlicensed cars

Prior Art 1: Ground-sensing trigger capture

Disadvantages: tripping on the floor, it's important to put the floor coil on the floor, the structure is inconvenient, the price tag is high, and a few scenes can't activate the cause, and some other iron item is going to be recorded via the coil region, which will cause accidental catch. There are lots of, like bicycles, tricycles, bikes, etc., that will result in confusion at the entry and exit of the parking lot, and also much more details to interfere with, which makes it more challenging to take care of the post-billing system.

Prior Art 2: Manually controlling the capture and lifting

Technical 2 Cons: At the parking lot management system, the ultimate purpose is to implement unattended, fully accessible accessibility, and also this app runs counter to the objective.

Second, the difficulty of detecting unlicensed vehicles

A Unlicensed vehicle detection algorithm should find vehicles of different versions under different background requirements and different lighting conditions.

B In the parking lot entry and exit, a vehicle comes over and just outputs the result after. This necessitates that the automobile is split from the vehicle. This component is now able to be completed by monitoring or desktop modeling.

C algorithm demands high real-time operation, mainly utilized in the entry and exit. On the grounds of making sure that the consequence, the time management may provide the user with a fantastic experience.

Throughout the vehicle identification principle, when it's a genuine unlicensed car, the cam will initially split it into a queue of cars, then distinguish whether it's a certified vehicle or an unlicensed automobile; if it's a tricycle every time a genuine unlicensed car is used, the camera straight divides it into a non-vehicle queue by way of an automobile identification algorithm. Throughout the conclusion of the automobile and the non-vehicle from the unlicensed automobile detection, more precise and nicer parking management is finished.

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