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Anti-Passback or Passback Control

Mar. 16, 2020

This setting requires access control system (ACS) users to enter and exit in the correct order of their parking credentials (ie, enter, exit, enter, exit, etc.). Anti-passback can usually be selected as "hard" and "soft".


Hard anti-passback

Hardback prevention settings will reject out-of-order ACS users. Alarms should be set on the ACS controller and facility management system (FMS). In this case, the alert represents a system-generated message indicating a potential problem with a damaged device or operating rule.


Soft anti-passback

This setting allows out-of-order ACS users to enter and exit, but reports and records violations via FMS alerts for parking managers to track. Soft anti-passback feature provides a more patron-friendly experience while monitoring abuse. This setting should be unique for each user.


In hard mode and soft mode, each out-of-order event is reported as an abnormal transaction in the daily ACS access log. Many systems can clear anti-passback conditions by resynchronizing a password-protected user account.