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Parking Access and Revenue Control Equipment

Mar. 19, 2020

Barrier gate

A barrier gate is hardware used to control access to a facility or lot.


Coding station

This is used to allow cashiers to update the parking tickets with new information (rates, payments, etc.).


Entry dispenser

This is a hardware in an entry lane where the parker takes a dispensed ticket showing the entry time. An entry dispenser is also known as an entry station.


Exit verifier

This is hardware in a exit lane where the parker inserts the dispensed ticket showing that he/she paid. The hardware verifies payment and raises the gate. A exit verifier is also known as an exit station.


Central cashier

A central cashier can be a person (cashier) or pay station. The parker takes his/her ticket after it is processed and inserts it into an exit verifier. It is centrally located and not typically located in a lane.


Automated Payment Station (APS)

Automated payment station allows ticket processing to be handled automatically in a central cashiering facility. It can supplement and / or replace cashiers. This station sometimes called pay-on-foot or pay-in-lane station. Automated Payment Station can accept multiple payment methods and provide transaction receipts.



A loop is a sensor placed under the ground of lanes or in the level of a parking facility to detect vehicles passing overhead. They track occupancy and enable ticket machines or allow readers by identifying the presence of metal objects passing on the loop. A two-loop (or three-loop) system can provide directional logic for vehicles entering and leaving the facility. Two-loop means that two loops are laid under the ground next to each other.


Monitoring system

The system allows users to view the activities, alerts and occupancy generated by the system within a facility via the Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS).


Facility Management System

A facility management system or FMS is a computer system and software that provides real-time reporting, monitoring and control of Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS). In essence, this represents the brain of the system.