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What Are The Advantages Of The Smart Parking Management System?

Mar. 29, 2019

Under the development of a smart city, the residents' food, clothing, housing, and transportation are accelerating their wisdom. The shadow of a smart city management system can be seen everywhere in modern society. The smart parking lot management system can solve the difficulty of parking and slow down the owner of the car. In particular, electronic payment is deeply rooted in the habits of users. Cashless parking payment has also become an urgent need for the majority of car owners.

 Smart Parking Management System

Advantages of the Smart Parking Management System:

1. The access identification system of the Commercial Parking Lots Gate can be connected to the same system background. Users can log in to the system through the app to view all parking information and reserve an application for parking space. The application for the reservation will be sent to the parking space to be reserved. System administrators can operate directly in the background.

2. Automatic identification and release of import and export: no manual card registration is required, the parking space can be reserved directly through the mobile phone. When entering the parking lot, the parking permit for the mobile phone reservation is automatically scanned, and the identity is automatically recognized. When you leave the parking lot, the mobile app automatically settles the fee and you can leave if you pay. It greatly increases the speed of release and reduces the cost of management personnel.

3. It can realize the intelligent navigation of parking lot parking and the online payment of parking fees, and fully deploy the fully automated parking management system to properly guide the traffic flow.

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