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What are the advantages of unattended parking charging

Sep. 01, 2020

There are many advantages of unattended parking charging, including reducing labor costs, eliminating charge leakage, enlarging management boundaries, improving service quality and service image, and increasing enterprise competitiveness.

What are the advantages of unattended parking charging

1. Unattended parking can greatly reduce labor costs. A parking Toll Gate that is open 24 hours a day needs at least 3 toll collectors, with unattended parking system can reduce annual expenditure by more than USD 15,000.00.

2. Due to technical, management, human and other factors, the traditional manned mode more or less has a certain parking charge leakage, while the unattended mode can effectively eliminate the parking charge leakage, and increase the average income by more than 10%.

3. Effectively enlarge the management boundary, especially for large property service enterprises and professional parking lot operation and management enterprises, to achieve centralized control of parking lots between different regions and different cities.

4. It is of great help and advantage for enterprises to improve service quality and service image and increase market competitiveness.