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How to make parking charging unattended

Aug. 31, 2020

Unattended parking charging is an upgrade based on license plate recognition technology + manual on-duty mode, and is the trend and direction of parking charging management in a certain period of time in the future. To achieve and do a good job of unattended parking charging, it is necessary to improve and complete the closed loop of products, management, and services according to different parking formats and service requirements, so that Internet parking information technology and parking lot operation management can be effectively combined. Therefore, three important links need to be achieved and opened up, namely "unattended, manned service, and centralized control".

Automated parking control system.JPG

unmanned parking management system.JPG


1. Unattended: The realization of unattended parking charging should match the corresponding parking lot smart software and hardware products according to different parking formats and management requirements. This is the basis and guarantee for realizing unattended parking charging. What kind of products need to be matched for different parking formats is not explained here, and will be discussed in the future.

2. Manned service: When the entrance and exit of the parking lot are unattended, vehicle owner inquiry, equipment management, operation and maintenance guarantee, safe operation, special release and other service demands will appear. To solve and deal with these service demands, online and offline cooperation is required.

Online services are further subdivided into instant messaging services for car owners, remote operation and maintenance support services, remote scheduling services, remote lane monitoring and so on.

Offline services are divided into on-site equipment operation and maintenance guarantee, car owner service, order service, vehicle guidance, safety service, cleaning service, etc.

3. Centralized control: Including the parking lot management center and the cloud management and control center.

The parking lot management center is suitable for the large parking lot project with the monitoring room on duty, where the property or service requirements are high and there are many entrances and exits;

The cloud management and control center is targeted at property service enterprises with a large number of parking resources, parking operation and management enterprises and Internet smart parking enterprises that carry out equipment rental and cloud hosting services. It can achieve centralized management of parking resources in different regions and cities.