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The Drawbacks Of Traditional Parking Management System

Jan. 16, 2019

Let us look at the drawbacks of the traditional parking management system.

1. The conventional Parking Management System has simple functions. It doesn't assist the owner to find parking spaces, find cars and pay fees.

2. The traditional parking lot management system is more prone to fiscal loopholes, low efficacy, and there is an issue of collecting cards to alter, especially during the peak hours of cruising, the congestion in the entry and exit of the parking lot is prone.

3. The system environment of the traditional parking lot charging system is mostly local area community. 

When installing the Parking Control Systems, it is necessary to put in another database and front-end display for each Parking Lot. The client program is installed and operate on the front display, so that not only the engineering volume is large, It takes quite a while and the machine is inferior in scalability and maintainability.

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