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Parking Lot Gate System

Apr. 19, 2019

Here is Parking Lane Exit Station supplier talking about Parking lot gate system. 

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It is not uncommon for vehicles to be smashed at the entrances and exits of parking lots. As a parking system manufacturer, they often receive such customer feedback. Whether it is technical or management reasons, such entangled problems arise, which makes people parking lots. The safety of the gate system is becoming more and more important. For the flood control technology of the parking lot gate system, we can simply summarize the following:

First of all, the most common and earliest used parking lot anti-smashing technology is detected by the ground-sensing coil. When the vehicle detector detects the ground-sensing trigger signal, the gate will be lifted. When the vehicle passes the sense of the ground, the ground When the signal disappears, the gate will automatically drop. The shortcoming of this anti-smashing technology is that it does not have the function of preventing people. It is necessary to manage the car and the car separately at the entrance and exit of the Parking Lot.

Secondly, the pressure wave anti-smashing technology, this anti-smashing technology mainly controls the landing gear by installing the resistance return device. When the gate is in contact with the vehicle or the pedestrian, the rubber at the bottom of the gate When the article is subjected to resistance, it will automatically fall to the rising state, and it will prevent the car from being smashed.

Furthermore, infrared flood control technology, this type of flood control is to install infrared radiation device on both sides of the entrance and exit gates. During the falling of the gates, when the vehicles enter, the infrared rays receive the resistance. The brake lever will rise automatically and the reaction will be quicker, but the range of infrared radiation is small, and it may be disturbed by rain and snow, and the scope of use is limited.

Finally, it is digital anti-mite technology. Compared with other anti-mite technologies, this technology has higher security and higher cost. Digital automatic detection anti-smashing technology eliminates the need for other auxiliary protection devices and accurately collects gates in real time. The pole operation data monitoring operation, once blocked during operation, the brake lever will rise rapidly.

The anti-smashing function of the parking lot gate system has always been valued by people. According to the installation place, different anti-smashing modes need to be selected.

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