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Micro-small Property Solutions

Mar. 07, 2019

The number of parking spaces in the Parking Lot is small, there are many vehicles for the owners, and there are few foreign vehicles. Usually, temporary parking fees are rarely collected. The main requirement is that the monthly ticket vehicle can be automatically opened and exited according to the validity period of the renewal fee.

Based on the Internet of Things technology, Hui Qiao proposed a micro-small property solution, adopting high-definition license plate recognition technology and fast gate technology, and taking the vehicle's rapid traffic management as the core function to realize the automatic traffic management of the vehicle.

This scheme is applicable to institutions, enterprises, and households in residential areas of several hundred or even less. Parking spaces are usually around 100 or less. 

The Entrance Parking Management is usually two-channel one-in-one-out or single-channel one-in-one.

1. Wireless License Plate Recognition System

The entrance and exit adopt advanced license plate recognition, which realizes the rapid identification and fast passage of the vehicle, does not take the card, does not stop, and solves the problem of congestion at the entrance and exit.

Entrance Parking Management

2. Parking Management App

With temporary car billing management function, mobile phone download APP can carry out parking charge management, no need to purchase hardware equipment, and the input cost is low.

3. Visitor Management System

Cloud visitor management completely solves the traditional way of registering and managing guest papers, avoiding the loss of visitors data and security risks. Visitors can be managed through the APP. The data is saved on the cloud platform and can be logged in at any time.

4. Operator Management System

Cloud Patrol uses advanced positioning technology and advanced cloud information processing technology to conduct patrol management through mobile APP. Management arrives at the patrol base station, automatically punches the card and generates patrol records, which can be logged in at any time on the cloud platform.