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Smart Agriculture Monitoring System Makes Agriculture Simpler

Apr. 12, 2019

Here is Intelligent Self-service Park Management System Manufacturer talking about Smart Agriculture Monitoring System Makes Agriculture Simpler.

Intelligent Self-service Park Management System

In the crop planting environment, environmental factors such as air temperature and humidity, light intensity, and CO2 concentration have a great impact on crop production, but traditional manual control methods cannot meet the requirements of scientific and rational planting. Based on the Internet of Things technology, a smart agricultural monitoring system based on greenhouses in greenhouses has been independently developed. The system has two main characteristics, namely:

First, environmental intelligence monitoring

The intelligent agricultural monitoring system automatically collects various environmental indicators in the greenhouse by installing various environmental sensors in the greenhouse. The system analyzes the difference between the indicators and the standard values, intelligently controls the equipment switches, and creates a scientific standard environment for agricultural production. And in the database indefinitely, easy to retrieve analysis and standardized replication.

Second, video remote monitoring

Farmers can log in to the background of the monitoring system through a computer or mobile phone to view the video images captured by different cameras in each plot, and obtain the growth process of crops in real time. Video surveillance not only saves farmers from viewing the fields but when the crops are sick, they can also ask the agricultural experts to refer to the video for remote guidance.

Video surveillance is not only widely used in facility agriculture, but also has a more obvious effect in aquaculture. Through underwater cameras, farmers can clearly see the changes in water quality and the intake of aquatic products, and facilitate the judgment of breeding programs.

The application mode of smart agriculture is similar. The application of the modern agricultural Internet of Things application technology and management concepts is integrated into one, which increases the production and efficiency of farmers and ultimately achieves the goal of increasing income. In addition to agricultural monitoring, traceability systems, ERP management, and agricultural products e-commerce are all products of modern agricultural development and a new impetus for China's agricultural development!

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