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License Plate Recognition Camera

Jan. 10, 2019

The license plate recognition camera has the dual function of shooting and realizing the license plate, and captures the clear license plate photo once the vehicle moves.

According to the previous license plate recognition technology, usually in the lane in which the car enters the direction, the camera is about 4-6 meters away in the front, and also a ground-sensing coil is buried. After the vehicle passes the coil, then an audible signal is transmitted into the camera, and also the license plate recognition camera It is triggered to have an image of a car or truck. Just say, the cause coil is the shutter of the camera. After the vehicle moves, the shutter is pressed. The professional is called the floor trigger pattern recognition.

As an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Manufacturer with ANPR System, let's share a license plate recognition system.

1. Construction is easier

When the vehicle reaches the artificially set place, it sparks the optimal photo after the system is compared. This video recognition mode can greatly simplify the structure, particularly at the intersections with broad roads. Manually set the debugging software DEMO is likewise quite simple, via the network cable directly on the camera, you can see that the interface includes two areas of red and green, the green box is that the identification region, the red box is that the output area. When the vehicle enters the green framework recognition area, the license plate recognition cam applications begins to analyze the license plate information, and when the vehicle moves to the output place, the best identification information during the vehicle motion is transmitted into the railroad management system.

2. No pressure on offline use

It is especially important to note that the Huiqiao license plate recognition camera system employs a front-end comprehension method to immediately transmit the identified information to the applications management system on the computer via the network. If you don't have a computer, can you manage the parking lot straight with the license plate recognition system? The solution is yes. The all-in-one machine may be used as a simplified version of the computer integrated processing center. The license plate information about those vehicles which are permitted to pass is entered. The integrated machine mechanically compares them after the identification, and the vehicles which aren't in the range of entry are not released. It's quite acceptable for government administrative agencies which have high standards for confidentiality of internal vehiclesresidential or commercial places where the construction of vehicles is too complicated and the construction of the system is too complex.

3. Flexible, multi-poly

Huiqiao license plate recognition camera is flexible using the product portfolio to form a variety of product forms. Hoisting; simple column installation; Huiqiao license plate recognition system for you to choose.

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