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The Future Development Trend Of Intelligent Parking System

Dec. 07, 2018

The Automated Parking System can not only solve the problem of the entrance and exit control, but also effectively improve the parking guidance, finding a car, and quickly entering and leaving the inside of the parking lot.

1. Created a smart parking Internet of Things platform to realize parking induction, parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, and quick access.

2. Unmanned services have gradually become popular, replacing high labor costs.

3, the mobile phone to achieve parking space reservation, payment, car search, and other functions. Smartphones and mobile Internet are rapidly spreading, and the use of mobile phones to order, purchase tickets, make friends, etc. has become widespread, so these applications in the Parking Guidance System will be rapidly popularized.

4. The parking guidance, parking space guidance, and reverse car search system are rapidly popularized. The parking lot currently under construction is getting bigger and bigger, and it is a big challenge for both the parking lot manager and the owner.

At present, the use of an intelligent parking system is a trend. Wiicontrol Information Technology Co., Ltd is committed to the development, production, sales, and service of smart cloud platform intelligent license plate recognition system. We customize the Parking Control Systems for your garage.

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